A Guide to the Swedish Ardennes Horse

The Swedish Ardennes is a medium-sized heavyweight draft horse that was developed in the 19th century in Sweden. Farmers needed draft horses that were fit for farming, so the breed was created to meet that demand. Its unique appearance, working abilities, and gentle temperament make it an attractive choice for farms. The following information will give you an understanding of this breed. This article is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the Swedish Ardennes Horse, but rather a helpful guide for anyone interested in buying one.


The Swedish Ardennes Horse is one of the most popular draft breeds in the world, and is a favorite for racing and competitive driving. Its heavy build means that they require little pasture and can live on poor-quality hay. These horses are fed hay, silage, or grain. The breed is prone to several equine diseases. Daily grooming is essential. The mud-covered area of their feet is a breeding ground for hoof diseases.

The Swedish Ardennes horse breed was developed in Sweden during the late nineteenth century. The agricultural boom in Sweden at the time left local horses ill-equipped to handle the demand. To meet the demand for more suitable horses, Count C.G. Wrangle imported Ardennes stallions. By 1901, breeding facilities were established and the Swedish Ardennes became the dominant force in the country’s horse breeding industry.

The breed was originally bred for war. Roman scribes noted that the average Ardennes was fourteen hands tall and had great strength. They were also favored by the knights of the Middle Ages. Their tough constitution made them a favorite in war and was ideal for hauling heavy artillery. In modern times, they are used for draft work. They are able to withstand harsh weather and travel long distances without breaking down.

The origin of the Swedish breed of horse is still a mystery, but there are many similarities between the horses and the Ardennes. The Swedish breed is a true endurance horse, with a smooth running gait that looks like it’s floating on the ground. In addition to this, the Swedish breed is a long-lived breed, often reaching thirty years of age. It has a compact body and a thick neck. Its short legs have feathering. Despite their size, the Swedish breed is considered to be a good-tempered horse.

Common colors

The Swedish Ardennes horse stands between 15 and 16 hands and weighs between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds. The head is broad and heavy. The body is short and stocky, with a stout back and legs. The fetlocks are feathered. The coat is either bay or roan, with a few white markings. The Swedish Ardennes horse is known for being a hardy breed that is well-suited to winter conditions. These horses are also known for being relatively easy to keep and feed, making them a great choice for families with a low budget.

The Swedish Ardennes Horse has been around for centuries, and was first imported from Belgium by Count Carl Gustaf Otto Christian Wrangel in 1872. In the process of importing the heavier Ardennes, he obtained three stallions and named them Faro, Railleur, and Ardenne. He also imported two mares, La Mere and Rigolette, to establish a breeding stud in the Swedish region of Blomberg.

Although the breed has been used in farming since the late 1800s, some farmers in Sweden are going back to traditional ways to produce food and to reduce their impact on the environment. They are known for their strength and ability to work on difficult terrain and are often bred as work horses. Despite their sturdy body and impressive endurance, the Swedish Ardennes is a favorite for pleasure riding and is a great addition to therapeutic riding programs.

The Swedish Ardennes Horse is one of the most famous draft horse breeds in Europe. Their endurance and energy made them popular in competitive driving and therapy. It is one of the world’s oldest breeds and has been used by Julius Caesar during the Gallic Wars. Even Napolean used the breed in his Russian invasion. Throughout history, the Swedish Ardennes Horse has been used by knights to ride into battle.

Working abilities

The working abilities of the Swedish Ardennes Horse have been compared to those of a race horse. The horse is an efficient worker, capable of working in difficult terrain and in extreme weather conditions. In addition to its working abilities, the Swedish Ardennes Horse is renowned for its pleasant disposition, gentle attitude, and smooth gait. These traits also make them a good choice for therapeutic riding programs. Read on to learn more about this beautiful breed.

The biggest advantages of these gentle creatures are their ability to work in rough terrain and in hilly terrain. This is largely due to their tolerant and easy-going nature. The working abilities of this breed are extensive, and they can withstand long hours of riding and work. They also have a high level of endurance, making them an excellent choice for the outdoors. They are also economical to feed, making them a popular choice for farms and ranches.

The size and temperament of the Swedish Warmblood Horse vary based on their intended use. They are generally intelligent and willing to work, and are excellent choices for endurance riding. The Swedish Warmblood also has athletic abilities and is often used as a choice mount for big show jumpers. The Fjord Horse, which developed in cold climates, is a smaller version of the Swedish Warmblood. This breed can grow to be as tall as 16 hands and weigh between 880 and 1100 pounds.

The Swedish Ardennes Horse has a long history in Europe and is considered a very sturdy horse. It is native to the Ardennes region of Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, and is the descendant of the legendary Solture, an ancient horse in the area. Its endurance have helped it become one of the oldest European heavy draft breeds. During the eighteenth century, Arabs and Thoroughbreds were introduced into the breed, increasing its size and strength.


The Swedish Ardennes horse is a medium-sized heavy draft breed. While its appearance is not particularly distinguished, it is a long-lived, healthy animal. Its neck and back are short, while its chest and shoulders are broad and well-muscled. Despite the horse’s light build, it is a powerful, agile animal with a strong constitution. It is also extremely hardy, and is one of the world’s largest draft breeds.

The Swedish-Ardennes is a highly adaptable breed, and is still in high demand for forestry work in Scandinavia. While once considered part of the Ardennes Horse breed, the Swedish-Ardennes is now an official breed in its own right. In addition to being a great choice for forestry work, this horse also excels in carriage work and competitive driving disciplines. Because of their calm temperament and good stamina, they are also excellent therapy horses.

The Swedish-Ardennes Horse was originally imported from southern Belgium and was known as a war horse. Its strength and docility made it an invaluable asset to farmers and cavalry. These sturdy horses have served as the foundation for modern Draught horses. In the 1800s, efforts to purify the breed failed. As a result, three studs were imported into Sweden in the 1800s. More were brought in during the nineteenth century.

Compared to other breeds, the Swedish-Ardennes Horse has an excellent fertility rate. This breed has a large uterus and a low birthweight, which allows them to give birth to twins. The breeding rate for these horses is slightly lower than other breeds, but many 2-year-old stallions are prone to poor sperm quality. This is not the only problem with Arabian horses.


If you are a lover of heavy draft horses, the Swedish Ardennes Horse is a perfect choice for you. These horses originated in Sweden and were once primarily used for the purpose of working land. This breed is very hardy, with a short stature and muscular build. The breed’s ability to work with heavy loads made it a popular choice for war horses. The Swedish Ardennes Horse is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Its long life and endurance made them perfect for warfare.

Today, the Swedish Ardennes horse is popular in Europe and has great muscling. They are used for forestry and farming and are highly sought after for meat. In Britain, they were used in draft work, as well as for farming. And because of their temperaments and abilities, they have been incorporated into other draft breeds, including the Trait Du Nord. This breed is now available to buyers all over the world.

The Swedish Ardennes Horse has an impressive history of war, and has been used as far back as the eleventh century. Marshal Turenneas, Godfrey of Bouillon, and other military commanders used the breed in the 17th century. And during the French Revolution, the breed was widely regarded as the best artillery horse. It was also a popular choice in Napoleon’s army during his Russian campaign. In fact, it was said that a Swedish Ardennes horse was the only breed that could survive the winter retreat from Moscow.

The Swedish Ardennes Horse is a highly sought-after breed among collectors. Their graceful and easy-to-train nature makes them a desirable choice for horse lovers. The breed can be trained for therapeutic riding programs and therapy rides. The average full-grown Ardennes stands between 15-16 hands tall and weighs 700 to 1,000 kilograms. There are many different colors and styles available to choose from. A good example of an Ardennes Horse will be a stunning addition to any stable.

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