Borana Horse Safari in Namibia

A Borana horse is the rarest breed of horse in the world, but there are other reasons to visit this working ranch. In addition to providing a unique experience for riders, Borana Ranch is also a working ranch with over two thousand head of cattle. For those who don’t ride, the ranch offers plenty of activities for guests. In addition to a Borana horse, guests can take part in other activities, like the sheepskin saddle bags.

Borana is a rare breed of horse

The Borana Horse is a breed of wild horses native to the Dzungarian Basin in China, Mongolia, and Russia. The first specimen was collected by Russian colonel Nikolai Przhevalsky in the Gobi Desert in 1894. The resulting skull and hide were used to describe the behavior of the wild horse. The breed’s name was derived from this collection, which was exhibited at the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg in 1884.

This breed is a unique example of genetic diversity in an animal. Its genotypes have high allele variability and certain DNA microstellites. The mezen horse population is extremely small, which maintains its gene pool. In addition, the horse is highly adaptable to the arid climate of Russia’s Far North. However, it has a limited gene pool because it is bred exclusively in the Mezensky district.

It is a working ranch

The Borana Horse is a working ranch in northern Kenya, where more than two thousand head of cattle are raised for beef and dairy production. The majority of these cattle are of the Boran breed, which is known for its high level of resistance to pests and droughts. In some parts, they are singled out with the Sementhal breed to help improve their body form. The Borana Ranch has two herds: breeding cows and weaners. The animals, including elephants and lions, have been known to sleep with one eye open!

The Borana Ranch is home to more than 2000 cattle and fifty indigenous tree species. Among the animals you will find here include Jackson’s hartebeest, Burchell’s zebra, and Grant’s gazelle. Visitors can also take helicopter excursions over the tented camp. The Borana Horse is a working ranch, and guests can learn more about ranching in this harsh environment.

The Borana Ranch has three stables and horses for riders of all skill levels. You can even rent quad bikes or take a buggy safari for the ultimate experience. It’s all in the name of safety! At the Borana Horse, you can also enjoy picnic lunches, night fly camping, and cross-cultural experiences. Throughout your stay, you will have the opportunity to sample homegrown, organic food. The Borana Ranch also features high altitude rose farms and an organic essential oil distillery.

It has over 2,000 head of cattle

The Borana Ranch in Namibia has over 2,000 head of cattle. Most of these animals are bred for beef production and are primarily of the Boran breed, which is known for its ability to tolerate droughts and other pests. In addition, the ranch also raises over 2,000 head of sheep. The Borana breed has also been shown to be more tolerant to diseases than other cattle breeds.

It offers activities for non-riding group members

In addition to horse riding and trail rides, Borana Horse also has many activities for non-riding group members. Visitors can spend time in the beautiful wilderness, visiting game reserves, hiking and cycling trails, and spending time with the armed anti-poaching unit. Activities offered include visits to the local Maasai village, sundowners on the iconic Pride Rock, and more.

The Borana horse lodge has more than twenty horses, including ponies for beginners and those looking for more challenging rides. Riders can choose between English riding, trail riding, and overnight sleepouts. The lodge features an infinity pool, eight cottages, and a private plunge pool. Guests can also relax by the infinity pool or enjoy the view from the private deck. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway.

It is a 4-hour drive from Nairobi

The Borana Ranch offers a wide range of activities and can entertain the whole family. Activities range from game drives to guided walks in the wilderness. You can also spend some time with the armed anti-poaching unit. The Borana Ranch also offers day trips to the surrounding Maasai villages and a sundowner on the famed Pride Rock, which inspired Disney’s Lion King.

To visit the Borana, you’ll first need to reach Nairobi. There are daily daytime flights to Nairobi by British Airways, Kenya Airways, Air France, and KLM. Other airlines offer direct flights via Europe and cost around PS650 to PS850. The Borana Horse is located about 4 hours outside of Nairobi and is accessible by road, overland, and by private charter flight.

The Borana Lodge is a luxurious retreat in the heart of Kenya’s central highlands. Located close to the equator and at over six thousand feet, the lodge is situated in an area where wildlife is abundant. The lodge is a member of the Eco Tourism Society of Kenya and is a proud supporter of regional conservation and community development initiatives. The Dyers have been running the lodge for three generations and have built the lodge around the Borana. Borana Lodge offers an excellent safari experience and has an active role in regional conservation, community development and health initiatives.

It is an unaffected bush home

The Borana Horse is an iconic species of African wildlife. While visiting Borana, you can choose from a large variety of horses. You can also enjoy game viewing on foot and in 4 wheel drive vehicles. You can even fly camp in the bush. The Borana Ranch offers a variety of rides, and the horses are incredibly gentle. Experienced riders can ride for 6 hours a day, and novices can enjoy a half-day trip.

The Borana area borders three massive properties: the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The Borana Ranch sits within these properties. The Dyer family, who owns the Borana, put profits from the resort back into conservation. It also works to develop the surrounding community. It has even won the world’s top award for sustainable tourism.

The Borana Ranch is both a working ranch and a game sanctuary. You can meet Michael Dyer, the ranch manager, as he guides you through the farm. He will also show you the challenges of running a ranch in a hostile environment. You can watch elephants graze in the vegetable patch, while you can also see lions sleeping in cattle bomas. The Borana Ranch is also home to a flock of dorper sheep, which are prized for their succulent meat. In fact, you can try some of them at Borana Lodge.

It has eight cottages

The Borana Horse is a hilltop lodge perched with a stunning vista. Its eight thatched cottages offer rustic charm and feature high thatched ceilings. The interior is decorated with gnarled wood beds and crackling fires. Each cottage has a private deck and infinity pool. The other four are standalone cottages connected by a shared walkway. Each cottage sleeps up to two guests.

The lodge is an excellent choice for families, as it is situated on a secluded hillside. The eight cottages are each equipped with a fireplace, private veranda and en-suite bathrooms. The lodge itself has a living and dining area with a gorgeous horizon pool and a pavilion with many birds. The lodge’s honeymoon cottage is perfect for couples, with its cosy sitting room, en-suite bathroom, and private verandah.

The eight cottages are spacious and tastefully decorated in rustic chic. Six cottages are self-catering, while two sets share a veranda. All have stone-walled bathrooms, open fireplaces, and en-suite bathrooms. Rooms seven and eight are perfect for families with teenagers as they have private plunge pools and facilities for independent dining. At 6,000 feet, the lodge is malaria-free. Whether you’re visiting to see the wildlife or to relax in luxury, the Borana Horse has the ideal accommodation for you.

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