Pindos Pony

The Pindos is a type of small horse native to the mountains of Greece’s Pindus mountain range. Its native habitat includes parts of Thrace and Macedonia near Lake Plastiras. A small number of Pindos are exported as pets. You can learn more about the Pindos by reading the following article. Here are a few facts about this Greek pony:


The Pindos Pony is an ancient breed of horse native to the Greek regions of Thessaly and Epirus. Its ancestors are believed to be the Scythian horse. The Greeks developed the breed of horse in the region, making it hardy and adaptable. In the past, it was prized for its courage and beauty. Nevertheless, it has been subject to many breed variants and is still very popular today.

The Thessalonian Pindo and its descendants are the oldest known breeds of pony in the world. They were first brought to Greece by the early Scythian settlers, who were famous for their horsemanship skills. The Pindus Mountains were the breeding grounds of this breed, and the Greeks used the horse to carry goods and plowing fields. The Pindos pony derived its name from this region.

The Pindos Pony is a mountain-bred breed with an unusually large head and small eye. It has a fairly long neck and back, and is quite light through the body. It has small joints and hard, sturdy hooves. Despite its size, the Pindos is known for being difficult and stubborn. It stands about 13 hands high. The pindos pony is not a good choice for a beginner, but it will make a great companion.

The Peneia is a rare breed of pony that is native to southern Greece. The Peloponnese region is home to this ancient pony. Its names are often associated with Alexander the Great, but the horse was actually named Bucephalus, and the name was eventually changed. However, the Pony is not extinct, and has survived in other countries, including Asia and Africa.

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