The Australian Draught Horse

The Australian Draught Horse is a tough, hardy breed of draught horse native to Australia. It is renowned for its good temperament and strength. Here are some facts about the breed. This article will explore the breed’s history and characteristics, as well as its uses and origins. Also, discover the different types of Australian Draught Horse and how they differ from each other. And don’t forget to read about the Australian Draught’s uses and breed history.


The Australian Draught Horse is a crossbreed of four famous breeds of draught horses. They were brought to Australia from various countries around the world. Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire, and Suffolk Punch are all important in the development of the Australian Draught Horse. The breed owes its popularity to four different draught horse breeds, including the Percheron.

In the nineteenth century, this breed was largely used for farm work. They were also used as ploughing horses, to pull rail wagons, and to pull the family to church or town. Regardless of their current role, many people have fond memories of draught horses and the work that they performed. Many have even preserved the stories of their life in rural Australia. And if you’re interested in breeding an Australian draught horse, read on to learn more about this exciting breed!


The Australian Draught horse is a type of draft horse that has evolved from crossbreeding four different pure breeds. This cold-blooded breed is known for its extreme strength, hardiness, and even temperament. While it has been used in draught work throughout the centuries, it is also favored for pleasure driving. The Australian Draught is a beautiful breed that has many different colors and can be used for several purposes.

The Australian draught horse evolved from a crossbreeding of four pure breeds in Australia. The breed has traits of Clydesdale, Percheron, Suffolk, and Shire. These characteristics make this type of horse an ideal choice for heavy-duty work. These breeds are also highly sought-after for their temperament, vigor, and ability to work. Despite being considered a pest in Australia, this breed is actually one of the largest and most popular draught horse breeds in the world.


The Australian Draught Horse is a breed of horse that originated in Australia. It was developed through crossing four pure draught breeds. These breeds are known for their extreme hardiness, strength, and even temperament. Historically, they were used to pull draught wagons and perform draught work, but today they are primarily used for pleasure riding. Here are a few of the many uses of the Australian Draught Horse.

The Australian Draught Horse has a long and varied history, including using them to plow fields. In the past, the breed was also used to pull rail wagons along sidings and docks. Today, the breed is used in draught competitions and in forestry. In addition to working, the Australian Draught is also used as a pleasure horse. While its use has increased in the past century, it remains an important part of the Australian economy.


The Australian Draught Horse originated in Australia by crossbreeding four pure breeds of horses. The breed inherited characteristics of the Percheron, Clydesdale, Suffolk, and Shire. In recent years, Belgian Draft blood has been introduced to the breed. These animals have a distinctive coat and are widely bred for show and work. They are used for plowing, pulling wagons, and for farming. Nowadays, they are also used for pleasure.

The early settlers of Australia brought many types of horses. The first of these came from Tasmania, which was then known as Van Diemen’s Land. The Van Diemen’s Land Company was the largest contributor to work horse breeding in the 1850s, importing the majority of horses to Australia. Before the emergence of the draft horse, most draught work was done by bullocks. But bullocks are notoriously hard to train and have a low rate of productivity. In contrast, draft horses were fast, intelligent, and had a good temperament. The early settlers from Scotland heavily promoted Clydesdales.

Average height

The Australian Draught Horse is a heavy draft breed of horse that stands between 16 and 17.2 hands tall and weighs about 1320 to 1980 pounds. The breed is distinguished by its well-developed crest and wide chest, hindquarters, and legs. The tail can be short and thick, and it may be partially or completely feathered. Its long ears are an additional feature. Despite its heavy build, the average height of an Australian Draught Horse does not differ much from that of other heavy draft breeds.

While the height of a horse varies by breed and sex, they are all very large and strong animals. The average height of an Australian Draught Horse is about 16 hands high, or just under 5 feet tall. The breed has evolved from four different draught horse breeds, including Belgian, light horse, and Irish draught. It was only established in 1979, but passionate breeders continue to improve the breed, which combines four draught horse breeds. Today, the breed promotes both the working and pleasure mount role.


The Australian Draught Horse is one of the most popular types of horse in Australia. It is renowned for its large size, weighing almost one thousand pounds at an adult. The breed stands between 16 and 17 hands tall, and is an ideal choice for beginning equestrians. However, there are some factors to consider when purchasing one. This article will explore the characteristics of this breed. For example, what is the average weight of an Australian Draught Horse?

The Australian Draught Horse is one of the largest breeds of draught horses in the world. They have good temperaments and are known for their strength and stamina. This breed’s origins date back to the 1830s, when imported Shire horses were first brought to Van Diemen’s Land. Later, the breed reached South Australia and Western Australia. The weight range for this breed is between 600 and nine hundred kilograms.


One of the best sires of Australian Draught horses is Hales Chiron. His dam, Wibregin Captain Starlight, was a thoroughbred mare whose pedigree goes back to the Irish Draught horse. She sired Supreme Champion Exhibit, Pride of Century, and Icarus Frosty. She was bred by Ken and Dawn Simons. The first purebred Irish Draught imported to Australia in 1977, Bantry Bay, was a sire of both of these stallion breeds.

The Australian Draught Horse is an ancient breed that evolved from crossbreeding four draught breeds. Their hardiness, even temperament, and clean legs made them favored by outback Australians. They still serve as stock horses in the outback and have twice the weight of the average light horse. These horses are also renowned for their strong appearance with deep, well-defined muscles. Their feet are also remarkably well-protected from mud, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.


Irish Draught horses originated in Ireland in the 18th century as strong, limber farm animals. Despite their name, they come in a variety of colors. Although grey and chestnut are the most common, other colors are acceptable, but excessive white is considered a fault. Irish draught horses can live up to 30 years, stand 64 inches tall, and weigh over 1,400 pounds. They are also known for being docile and quiet, attributes that are valuable to small farms.

Several Irish draught horses have been imported to Australia. The first purebred Irish Draught was imported in 1977 by a Kyogle veterinarian, Dr Arthur Young. His first purchase was a three-year-old mare by the name of Silver Laughton. This horse’s sire was Laughton, a well-known Irish Draught sire who sired many show jumpers. Bantry Bay RID was another imported horse to Australia.


The Australian Draught Horse and Stud Book Society was established in 1978 in TAREE, Australia. This unique breed combines heavy horse breeds popular in Australia with characteristics suited for Australian working conditions. The breed is not very pink on the outside and tends to be much less muscular than its English counterpart. The society’s objectives are to promote draught horse breeding in Australia and preserve the unique character of the Australian Draught Horse.

The Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society was founded in 1979 to promote the breeding of these unique horses. These horses were once used as working animals, replacing oxen and other heavy machinery. However, with the great depression and the rise of motor vehicles, the popularity of heavy horses was restored. Today, passionate breeders continue to promote the Australian Draught Horse as a working, pleasure mount, and show horse. In fact, the breed’s popularity has increased tremendously since its inception.

Origins of the breed

The origins of the Australian Draught Horse go back to the 1880s, when the Weinholdt Brothers set up a notable draft horse stud in Maryvale, Queensland. Most Australian states favored the Shire breed, while the Clydesdale and the Suffolk Punch reigned supreme in Victoria and New South Wales. While there are several breeds of horses in Australia, the Australian Draught Horse evolved from four major imported breeds. Today, they are regarded as one of the most dependable work horses in the world.

The Irish Draught is an active farm horse that is both a sturdy and strong breed. It can pull a sidecar to the market, milk to a creamery, and carry a farmer hunting. It also breeds foals for sale. Due to its versatility, the Irish Draught must be quiet and strong, and be relatively inexpensive to maintain. They are a necessary part of small farms, and their soundness is essential for the smooth and efficient work of the farmers.

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