The Esperia Pony

The Esperia Pony is an Italian breed that originated in the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains of the province of Frosinone in the Lazio region. It is one of fifteen indigenous horse breeds in Italy with limited distribution. The breed is listed in the AIA, which is an association for horse breeding in Italy. Read on to learn more about this horse. For more information, visit their website:

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The Esperia Pony is a semi-wild breed that originated in Lazio, Italy. The breed is the result of crossbreeding between Turkish and Italian breeds. During World War II, the Esperia was used for carrying light loads, including meat. After thirty years of breeding, it was recognized as a separate breed and added to an official register in Frosinone, Italy. While not suited for riding schools, the Esperia is an excellent horse to use for riding.

This breed is a semi-feral animal that thrives in mountainous regions. They live at altitudes between 500 and 1500 meters and are only a few horses stabled for competition. Currently, there are about 800 Esperia ponies in the world, including 30 stallions and 600 mares. Their average age is about 30 months old. Breeding programs for the Esperia Pony can help preserve the breed and preserve its unique characteristics.

The Esperia Pony is a great choice for novice horse owners. Its temperament is friendly and loyal. It can be trained and is an excellent choice for riding. Breeding programs for Esperia ponies are available online or at local breeders. There are several different varieties of this breed available. While the Esperia is a popular breed, there are many others out there that will match your expectations.

Other varieties of the Esperia pony are the Arabian, Nez Perce, and Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. Some local breeders used these native stallions, which preserved their valuable characteristics on farms. These horses have thick, luxurious hair, a nice temperament, and a gaited trot. The Bakhtiari horse has a short, muscular neck. It is similar to the Haflinger and small Noriker.


The Esperia Pony is an Italian breed of horse that was developed two centuries ago in the Monti Ausoni district in Lazio. In 1840, Baron Ambrogio Roselli sought to improve the genetics of local ponies and had unsuccessfully tried using Salerno stock. However, these horses did not adapt well to the rocky terrain of the Aurunci forest. In 1882, Baron Ambrogio Roselli purchased four mares and a stallion from a Turkish merchant. These animals eventually became the Esperia Pony. In 1882, these horses were fully integrated into the population and adapted to the local environment.

The breed nearly went extinct during World War II when it was used to clear minefields and feed local populations. However, the Esperia pony has now been officially recognized and standardized as a breed. Breeders in Italy began breeding the Esperia pony, and in 1993 it became a prestigious breed with its own standard of conformation. As of 2002, the Esperia pony is listed as an official breed in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

The Esperia pony breed originated in Italy, where it lives in semi-feral herds in mountains that are difficult to access. They range in altitude from 500 to 1500 meters. However, only a small number of Esperia pony horses are stabled for competition. Today, there are approximately 800 horses of this breed, including thirty stallions and 600 mares. These pony horses are typically aged between 18 and 30 months.

The Esperia Pony is one of many Italian semi-wild breeds. They were developed over two centuries. In the late 19th century, Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia sought to improve the local population. He attempted to introduce stallion from Salernitano, but these horses couldn’t adapt to the mountains of Lazio. He eventually purchased four mares and one stallion from a Turkish merchant.


The temper of an Esperia pony is known to be mild. These ponies are tame and have good conformation. They have a confident canter and walk on level ground, and have been known to be very friendly. The Esperia pony is an Italian breed that was developed in the late 1600s. The breed is registered with the Associazione Italiana Allevatori, which is a limited-distribution organization for the breeding of horses.

The Esperia pony was originally bred in Lazio, Italy, and was named after Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia. These horses were used for pack work, competition, and for carrying light loads. After thirty years, the breed was recognized as a distinct breed. The breed is a good choice for a beginner rider looking for an athletic pony with a mellow temperament.

The Esperia Pony has a black coat, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Originally, the species was largely ignored due to its small size and poor resistance to cold and hot temperatures. Today, the Esperia Pony is a versatile, easy-to-manage horse that is good for riders with thirteen to fourteen hands. The Italian pony breed evolved over nearly two centuries to be an all-around versatile and easy-to-keep companion.

The Esperia is a friendly, loving, and loyal animal. A breeder can get a good start by acquiring a Friesian horse. A Friesian is one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States. Their temperament is similar to other horse breeds. It thrives on regular turnout and exercise. They are good candidates for new riders, and their personality makes them an ideal pet.


The Esperia pony is an Italian breed of horse. This breed was nearly extinct during World War II. Ponies were used to clear land mines and unexploded bombs. However, the Esperia pony resurrected as a breed in the 1960s and became recognized in 1993. Its breeding practices today are largely based in the province of Frosinone and the communities of Collepardo, Carpineto Romano, Marcellina and Colle San Magno.

The origin of the Esperia pony is unknown, but it is a result of selective breeding. In the 1840s, Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia introduced Italian horses to the local population. However, these horses did not adapt well to the harsh mountainous climate. In 1882, Baron Ambrogio Roselli purchased four mares and one stallion from a Turkish merchant for 245 ducats. The result was the birth of the modern Esperia pony, which is fully integrated into the local population.

The Esperia Pony is one of the most popular types of Italian semi wild breeds. Its history dates back more than two centuries and traces its origin to the 1840s when Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia sought to improve the population of local semi-feral ponies. Although other Italian breeds were introduced in the 1840s, they were unable to adapt to the rough terrain of the area. To improve the local population, the Baron purchased four mares and one stallion from a Turkish merchant.

The Esperia pony is an Italian breed, developed from the combination of Turkish and wild horses. It is an exceptional equine horse that has been used for racing, as well as pack and competition purposes. Typically, the Esperia pony is around thirteen to fourteen hands tall and black in color. It is an easy-keeping breed that is well adapted to the mountainous climate. The breed is used for all kinds of equine sports.


The Esperia Pony is a breed of horse that originated in the Italian province of Lazio. This breed has a large stride, making it ideal for equine sports. It is also hardy and tolerant of its native environment, making it suitable for many activities. In addition to its equine skills, the Esperia Pony is also known for being calm and docile.

The Esperia pony breed of horses live in semi-feral herds at altitudes between 500 and 1500 metres. The majority of the horses are wild and only a few are kept stabled for competitions. The breed consists of about 800 horses, including 30 stallions and 600 mares. They are approximately 18 to 30 months old. Listed below is a detailed description of the Esperia pony breed, its history, and its value.

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