The Georgian Grande Horse

The Georgian Grande Horse is a new breed of horse, developed by crossbreeding the American Saddlebred with Friesian horses and assorted draft horse breeds. The aim of this crossbreeding is to create a heavier horse with qualities similar to the Saddlebred. In this article, we’ll look at the breed’s history and characteristics. The cost of owning a Georgian Grande Horse is also discussed.

Breed registry

The Georgian Grande horse was created by George Wagner Jr. in 1994. Today, this breed has a specialized registry, the International Georgian Grande Horse Registry. The breed has been recognized by the United States Dressage Federation and the American Horse Council as a participating breed. However, it is important to note that the International Georgian Grande Horse Registry is not the official registry for the breed. This is because many individuals believe the breed was created for profit rather than for performance.

To register a Georgian Grande Horse, you must first be registered with a draft horse breed registry. This breed registry accepts registered spotted draft horses. You can also register a saddlebred or a recognized draft breed gelding, as long as it has a pedigree that includes one or more registered draft breeds. Alternatively, you can register a blended breed. This way, you’ll be able to prove your horse’s pedigree and prove its quality as an athlete.

The Georgian Grande is a very striking breed. Its long neck, broad boned body, and expressive eyes have all contributed to its grand appearance. The breed also has great jumping ability and a sound, long trot. To become registered, a horse must have at least one parent who has a Georgian Grande Horse breed registry. You can find out more about the Georgian Grande Horse breed by visiting the registry’s website.


The Georgian Grande is an elegant and powerful breed with a stunning appearance. This horse breed is tall with an arched neck, large, round eyes, and alert ears. The conformation of this horse is a mix of Friesian and Saddlebred, with confirmation and disposition of the former. The horse’s head is wide and flat with expressive eyes and ears, and its neck is long and arched with a smooth, clean throatlatch.

The Georgian Grande was a great horse produced by George Wagner. This breed was named after him, as it means “George’s Great Horse.” The horse’s name is fitting, since it was used for police work, performance, and as a family horse. While the Georgian Grande is a popular breed, it is not yet a rare sight. George Wagner’s efforts have been rewarded with many notable horses.

The Georgian Grande horse has a striking appearance. Its appearance is grand, and the hawk’s movement is fluid. It is available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, palomino, roan, champagne, and buckskin. Its sturdy hooves add to its striking appearance. This breed is highly intelligent and good for competition, although its price may be high.


The Georgian Grande is a relatively new horse breed. This cross between the Saddlebred and Friesian breeds was created in the 1970s. Its name means “George’s Great Horse” and comes from the fact that George Wagner’s goal was to produce a heavier, saddlebred-like horse. The Georgian Grande is registered with the International Horse Breed Registry. Although the breed has only recently gained popularity, there are some characteristics that make it a good choice for many equestrian activities.

The Georgian Grande Horse has the noble bearing and elegance of a saddlebred and the size of a draft. The breed is a descendant of the Gypsy Vanner, a type of draft horse that was popular with gypse in Great Britain and Ireland. This breed has a long mane and tail. Its ancestors are from both Irish and British breeds and has a history of being used for transportation.

The Georgian Grande has beautiful, curly horse hair and an elegant gait. Its bloodlines are excellent performers, and its half-siblings and full-siblings are achieving top performance in dressage and winning High Points for their divisions. Because Georgian Grandes are so rare, they require regular examinations and training to keep them healthy. They are highly sought after as pet horses, and their prices are dependent on the level of training and competition they receive.


The Georgian Grande is a unique breed of horse that blends the graceful elegance of a Saddlebred with the size and temperament of a draft or Friesian. The breed was created by George Wagner Jr. in 1994 and has been recognized by the United States Dressage Federation and the International Georgian Grande Horse Registry. This breed is primarily used for performance purposes, although some Georgians have also been trained as police horses.

The cost of a Georgian Grande horse can run between $15,000 and $25,000, but it’s worth it if you plan to compete in several different equine disciplines. Because of its calm nature and muscular build, the Georgian is an ideal horse for competitive riding. It is also very easy to train, making it a good choice for novice and intermediate riders. In addition, a Georgian Grande is an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals of all levels of horsemanship.

As a rare breed, Georgians can be expensive. However, their performance potential is high. While they are priced above average performance horses, they are great investments for any breeder. You will get a great quality horse that will last you a long time. This breed has outstanding temperaments, and the cost of buying one can be a fraction of the cost of a thoroughbred. The breed’s performance potential is endless.


The origin of the Georgian Grande Horse is unknown, although it was created around 1890 in the Soviet Union. This horse combines the characteristics of the American Saddlebred and the Friesian, resulting in a hybrid of the two breeds. The Georgian Grande Horse is a powerful breed with a distinctive “uphill” appearance. Its head features large eyes and alert ears. Its body is strong and straight, and its legs display substantial bone. It has a balanced psyche, making it ideal for many disciplines.

George Wagner developed the Georgian Grande as a breed of Saddlebred in 1970. It was his intention to breed a horse that would combine the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size of the draft and the temperament of the Friesian. George Wagner succeeded in breeding a truly great horse. The horse has since emerged as its own breed. This unique combination of qualities has led to the creation of the Georgian Grande.

The Georgian Grande Horse is a relatively new breed, originating in the United States. Its origins date back to the 1970s when George Wagner Jr. began crossing draft horses with Saddlebreds. The breed registry was established in 1994 and the Georgian Grande has since gained popularity in various equestrian disciplines. And while its name might seem a little odd, it’s actually a recognizable cross of draft horse and Saddlebred.

Past uses

The Georgian Grande is a unique breed of horse, developed by crossing a Friesian with an American Saddlebred. The breed is known for its powerful impulsion at all gaits, and has a well-shaped head, broad flat forehead, deep hocks, large eyes, and alert ears. The Georgian Grande’s legs are strong and straight, and its hooves are large and sturdy. Its height ranges from 14.2 hands to seventeen hands.

The breed was developed in Georgia by George Wagner Jr. in the early 1990s. The breed is a cross between a draft and Saddlebred, and has been used for both racing and for family purposes. Since 1994, the Georgian Grande Horse has been used for a variety of purposes, including police horses. The Georgian Grande Horse is part of the United States Dressage Federation’s All Breeds Council.

The Georgian Grande is a relatively new breed. It was developed through crossbreeding two other breeds of draft horses and a Friesian horse, with the goal of creating a heavier saddle horse. Since its creation, the Georgian Grande Horse has become popular in equestrian disciplines and has a rich history of past uses. There are many reasons why this breed is such a wonderful choice for horse enthusiasts.

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