The Nooitgedacht Horse

The Nooitgedachter is a South African riding horse, and the result of a selective breeding programme that was established in 1952 to protect the Basutho Pony in Lesotho. The breed is known for its high level of equestrian excellence and ability to jump, leap, and gallop. Its characteristics are a combination of beauty, endurance, and grace. For more information about this breed, read our Breeding Program article.

Breeding programme

The Nooitgedacht is a very gentle and intelligent breed of horse. As a result, these horses are known as the people’s horse. Besides being a soft and gentle creature, the Nooitgedacht must be built with a solid bone structure, strong muscles, and excellent feet. They are also compact and sturdily built, which makes them ideal for long distance riding. Their gaits are also easy to control and their surefootedness makes them very safe and suitable for riding in any terrain.

Nooitgedachter horses were developed from the nucleus group of Basuto-type ponies that were purchased by the South African Department of Agriculture in 1951. The original intention of the breeding programme was to preserve the Basuto from extinction. However, the program was also intended to create an indigenous riding horse in South Africa. Breeding the Nooitgedachter was one of the best ways to preserve this beautiful and sturdy breed.

Inbreeding is a major problem with these horses. Their population is so small, the number of genetically distinct individuals should not exceed fifty, and the Nooitgedacht population has just 38. SA Studbook data shows that more than 6000 Nooitgedachter horses are inbred. Of these, around thirty percent have been inbred in the last three generations. The maximum inbreeding co-efficient for stable genetic populations is 6%, but the Nooitgedacht population has reached an alarming 9%.


The Nooitgedacht horse is renowned for its intelligence and soft nature. They are also known to be people-loving and don’t take kindly to bullying. They should have strong bones and good feet for their type of work. Although they are compact and heavy, their sure-footedness and comfortable gaits make them an ideal choice for long distance riding. Moreover, they should be able to carry a heavy man for long distances.

The Nooitgedacht breed was first recognized as an indigenous breed in the South African Stud Book Association in 1967. In 1976, the Department of Agriculture sold its stud at a public auction, and entrusted the breeders’ association with the responsibility of developing the breed. The Nooitgedacht is a sturdy horse with a short back. Moreover, its gait should be comfortable so that it can carry a heavy person over long distances.

The Nooitgedachter horse’s breed originated from the Basuto pony. The South African Department of Agriculture bought a herd of Basuto-type ponies in 1951. The breed was originally intended to save the Basuto pony and establish a native South African horse. The Nooitgedacht pony’s breeding was carefully controlled to prevent inbreeding. In 1968, participating breeders established a breeding foundation to oversee the growth of this unique breed.


The Nooitgedachter Horse was bred in South Africa, a country known for its abundance of antelope and other farm animals. Originally, the project aimed to breed a specific type of work, riding, and farm horse for the country. But, the project has evolved into so much more than a working horse. The Nooitgedachter is also a unique breed of horse whose appearance is reminiscent of a Pony. The name Nooitgedachter comes from Afrikaans, which means “never imagined.”

A Nooitgedacht is a horse whose constitution is unrivaled and can remain in good condition even when grazing is scarce or palatable. Its fast turnover of roughage allows it to function well without supplemental feed, but does not tolerate overfeeding. It is also resistant to endemic diseases. The Nooitgedacht can withstand cold winters in the Western Cape, hot summers in the Northern Cape, and snow on the SA mountains. It is an extremely reliable horse that has an exceptional lifespan.

The Nooitgedachter Horse is South Africa’s first indigenous breed of horse. It is a unique breed that was discovered at the Nooitgedachter Research Station near Ermelo. Mike Burgess visited Braam Olivier’s farm, Mooifontein, near Ermelo. The Nooitgedachter was selected as the country’s first indigenous horse breed in 1951. The original aim of the government breeding program was to produce a horse that looked like the ones used in the 1800s.

Characteristics of the breed

Nooitgedacht horses should have a very strong constitution and be able to maintain condition on a variety of grazing materials. They should be well-tempered and don’t tolerate bully tactics. They also do not hold grudges, but will remember if they are intentionally harmed. Ultimately, they should be easy to train, but that’s not always the case. Nooitgedacht horses are considered some of the most dependable and long-lived breeds in the world.

Nooitgedacht horses are predominantly bay, chestnut, or brown. Nooitgedachts are well-suited for working with cattle and are renowned for their surefootedness. The Nooitgedacht breeders are passionate about breeding these horses, and they have dedicated themselves to the breed. Breeders are proud of their heritage and the Nooitgedacht has the characteristics of a fine-looking animal.

A Nooitgedachter is a highly intelligent breed that thrives in the saddle. This animal is unflappable and brave, making it an excellent family horse. The breed is highly intelligent and is also incredibly friendly. Nooitgedachts are perfect for children to ride and are excellent for families. They are also good for draft work. If you’re looking for a new pony for your family, the Nooitgedacht might be the perfect companion.

Nooitgedachter horses are rare, and may be hard to find. Breeders have spent years studying their breed and finding out what makes them unique. Nooitgedachts are extremely beautiful animals with beautiful temperaments. Breeders may want to consider adding Nooitgedachter horses to their herd. They are often a part of breeding programs. There are even nooitgedachter horses with more than one color.

Infusions from other breeds

Nooitgedachter horses are very intelligent and brave. They are devoted to their owners to a fault. They make good family horses, perfect for young kids to learn to ride. Infusions from other breeds are welcome, but not required. This breed is also prone to sunburn. Nooitgedachter standards are far from rigid. They are based on function, not aesthetics.

In 1952, the Union of South Africa Department of Agriculture started a selective breeding program to save the Basuto pony, a breed that was decreasing in numbers because of the Second Boer War. The stallion Fleur was used with the Steenkamp mares, while Maritz came from Willem Cloete of Molteno and formed the basis of the Lang Carel SA Boerperd Stud.

Nooitgedachter horses have long been used for harness competitions. Their adaptability makes them suitable for single harness events. However, they can also be used as teams of four or eight. The breed is favored by many for festivals and shows. The main colour of a Vlaamperd is bay, but some Vlaamperd horses are also brown, chestnut, or pale black. These horses are generally between 14.2 and 15.2 hands tall, and have fine bone structure.

Breed registry

A Nooitgedachter Horse is a rare breed of pony native to the eastern Transvaal region of South Africa. The breed originated from the Basuto Pony, which evolved into a hardy all-rounder. The name has a negative connotation, but its heritage is South African. Breeders at Oklahoma State University are looking for high-resolution pictures of the breed to register it with the Nooitgedachter Horse breed registry.

The Nooitgedacht has a relatively small, noble head. Its ears are refined and their nose is fine. The heart-girth is deep, and its hindquarter steps easily. Regardless of the color of the horse’s coat, a Nooitgedacht should have a balanced body type and be functional as well as graceful. They should also have a deep, slender chest, and a long, fine muzzle.

There is an extensive history of inbreeding in the Nooitgedacht breed. As a result, breeders had to exercise extreme caution when breeding Nooitgedachts. Vonk is regarded as the founder of the breed, and his immediate offspring dominated the breeding program. Only in recent decades has inbreeding been controlled by the Nooitgedachter Horse breed registry.

Although the breed’s standards require five gaits, the Nooitgedacht is capable of performing other gaits. Some of the breed’s standards are centered on the temperament of the horse, including its ability to be friendly, trainable, and good-natured. They also have to retain their instincts when working in the wild. Unlike most breeds, the Nooitgedacht does not need to be a full schooled horse.

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