Types of Brazilian Sport Horses

The Brazilian Sport Horse is a breed specifically bred for equestrian events, including show jumping, dressage, and eventing. Its striking, elegant, and graceful movements make it a popular choice for beginners as well as experienced riders. Read on to learn about this versatile horse. Listed below are some of the most popular types of Brazilian Sport Horses. Here is a brief look at the different breeds. While each of them has their own distinctive qualities, they are all equally suitable for the sport they are best suited for.


The history of the Brazilian Sport Horse Sublimes began in the early 1800s when Francisco Gabriel Junqueira, Baron of Alfenas, exported some of his horses to the Imperial capital of Rio de Janeiro. In order to increase the quality of the horse, he crossed Royal Alter stallions with Barb horses and other breeds brought to Brazil during the colonial era. The result was a smooth-gaited, attractive horse, and the horses were named after their new owner.

The birth of the Brazilian Sport Horse Sublimes can be traced to the early 1740s, when the foundation stallion, Sublime, was crossed with Andalusians, Jennets, and Spanish Criollos. Sublime’s offspring were used to work on vast cattle ranches in Brazil, including the Mangalarga Marchador. Today, the Brazilian Sport Horse Sublime is the national horse of the country.

The first Brazilian Sport Horse was named after the nobleman of Mangalarga, who rode Sublime to the capital city. He was praised for his smooth grace, his untiring heart, and his Spanish elegance. Sublime’s descendants dominated the following generations. The breed became well-known in the U.S. only in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when stud records were formalized. The Mangalarga Marchador Horse Association of America was founded in 2000, and it imported some of these horses to the U.S.

Haras Rosa Mystica

Victoria Colvin is teaming up with Brazilian sport horse studs, Haras Rosa Mystica, to make a name for themselves in the international equestrian arena. The Haras Rosa Mystica stables are in Salto de Pirapora, Sao Paulo, and are dedicated to breeding top performance sport horses and developing them into top showjumpers. The breeding operation also boasts a strong breeding program for its prodigies.

As the leading exporter of Rosa Mystica horses, the United States is their primary market. The Brazilian Sport Horse competes at high-level events such as the Palm Beach Masters Series, Tryon Equestrian Center, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and Split Rock Jumping Tour. This equine’s breeding program has led to the development of artificial insemination in Brazilian sport equine competitions.

The breed has also had some notable stallion representation in the Brazilian breeding program. The reserve national champion, El Tino, was a product of line breeding with the Bey Shah sire line. El Tino, a son of DA Valentino by Versace, and the grandsire of a mare named Imprimista, won the Reserve National Champion title. El Tino is owned by Pedro Amaral of Haras El Madan, who also imported two champions, Sherrize D’ Pscore JM and HK Keav Power.

The breeding program was initiated by Leandro de Aguiar in the 1980s. The program shifted to Arabian horses in 2010, and he has since visited America, Europe, and the Middle East to learn more about the breed. He also learned how to raise top-quality Arabian horses. Those standards are being met today and his goal is to surpass those of his predecessors. But it will take a while before he can reach the heights of success.

Selle Francais

The Selle Francais is the ultimate sport horse and the ultimate keeper. They are approximately 15.1 to 17.3 hands tall with well-developed hindquarters and strong hocks. The breed standard focuses on appearance and performance. Its long neck and straight back give it a powerful appearance. Its long legs have firm, hard hooves. Its distinctive white coat adds to its beauty.

Originally only bred in France, the Selle Francais is now widely available. Stud books in Great Britain and the United States have been established and their offspring are sold all over the world. The French stud book records approximately 7,000 foals per year. Thanks to artificial insemination, breeding from approved stallions is now possible globally. And because the breed is so versatile, the dream of finding the perfect pair is within reach for many riders.

The Selle Francais breed is recognized around the world for its athletic abilities. Its athletes have risen to the highest levels of competition, including the Olympics. In the 2000 Summer Olympics, Selle Francais riders Kamal Bahamdan won the individual bronze medal on Noblesse des Tess, and Sandra Auffarth won the Individual Bronze medal on Selle Francais Opgun Luovo. These Selle Francais horses are wonderful companions for amateur riders and beginners alike, whether for dressage, trail riding, or jumping. They shine when given an extended partnership and exercise.

Magnolia Mystic Rose

The winning combination of a Brazilian Sport Horse and a Brazilian Olympian is a resounding success. Magnolia Mystic Rose, ridden by Jose Roberto Reynoso, has a history of success in the show ring, winning several top classes in the 1.45m CSI5* class in Wellington. The horse and rider are both Brazilians, and Magnolia Mystic Rose was bred in Brazil. Doda de Miranda is the dam.

Zirocco Blue

The Zirocco Blue Brazilian Sport Horse has achieved remarkable international results. His impressive pedigree includes a Team Gold Medal from the 2014 European Championship and 5th place in the individual standings. He also won the CSI5* World Cup in Las Vegas, the Nations Cup of Rotterdam, Kopenhagen, Gijon and the Grand Prix of Devon. Listed below are some of the other notable results of the Zirocco Blue Brazilian Sport Horse.

Zirocco Blue VDL is a striking stallion by Mr. Blue and Voltaire. He last competed in the Rio Olympics last summer and announced his retirement at the VDL Stallion Show. He will now focus on breeding. His dam, Eddie Blue, is a daughter of Zirocco Blue VDL. He has three approved daughters. In addition, he is the sire of several approved sons.

Eduardo Menezes is a highly accomplished Olympic rider who won a gold medal at the 2019 Pan-American Games. He recently spent a semester studying in Europe before coming back to compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival. Eduardo Menezes’s mount, Magnolia Mystic Rose, is an eleven-year-old Brazilian Sport Horse mare by Haras Rosa Mystica. This Brazilian Sport Horse mare is currently training in the United States with Eduardo Menezes.

Zirocco Blue em Majorca Tok

The striking stallion Zirocco Blue has retired from competition. This stallion, by Mr. Blue and Voltaire, last competed at the Rio Olympics last summer. His retirement was announced at the VDL Stallion Show. Now, he will devote himself to breeding. Read on to learn more about this beautiful Brazilian Sport Horse. Here are some of the most notable achievements of this stallion.

Among Zirocco Blue’s most notable accomplishments are his ability to jump. Both his dam and granddam have won international competitions. His maternal granddam is by Voltaire, a champion jumper who found his breeding niche in Holland. In addition to him, Zirocco Blue’s pedigree includes Le Tot de Semilly and Furioso xx, a Grand Prix horse by Furioso. Despite this heritage, Zirocco Blue is a sound and honest horse that is easy to train.

The outstanding performance of Zirocco Blue is reflected in his impressive international results. This Brazilian Sport Horse has won several international championships, including the World Cup of Oslo, the Grand Prix of Melsomvik, the Masters of Mechelen, and the KWPN Stallion Show. He has also been placed in the Grand Prix of Geesteren and the Nations Cup of Gijon.

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